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Fleet |Management

Company cars are an important image factor and an effective motivational tool. However, a fleet becomes expensive for many companies. Expenses are driven up by excessive repair bills, increasing operating costs, claims for deductions on returning vehicles and administration costs that are grossly undervalued and not very transparent. We would like to change that.

COMES Fleet Management is an independent service provider that can manage your fleet. Fleet management is demanding: COMES uses its expertise in the sector to offer all its contractual partners the best conditions possible. Working for you, the way you want. There are considerable potential savings, even for the smallest fleet.

COMES is your onside partner – who can take care of everything to do with your fleet of vehicles.

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    See our current brochure to find out more about cost efficiency for your fleet of vehicles.

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The |Company

COMES was founded in 1998 and was thereby one of the first independent service providers in the fleet management sector. The company is run by graduate engineer Peter Braun, who can look back on 30-years of work in diverse branches of the automobile sector.

The second general manager, Alexander Braun, is also a graduate engineer with long-term experience in the sector. All of our specialist employees have many years of experience in all areas of fleet management. This is because their area of responsibility far exceeds normal management activities.

Our claim is:

We want to take on the performance management for all services related to company fleets. Our customers can measure us by this.


Our |Services

COMES takes care of your fleet for its entire lifetime. You can also select from a range of our services, to best suit your projects; we will tailor our services to suit your requirements.

  • Consultancy

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    • Need analysis
    • Fleet valuation (current condition)
    • Optimisation of fleet structure
    • Useful life optimisation
    • Cost planning
    • Car Policy
  • Mobility

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    • Design / completion of contracts
    • Negotiation with license issuers
    • Calls for tender / cost comparison
    • Resolution / cancelling of old contracts
    • Contract adjustments
  • Framework agreements

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    Framework agreements

    • Framework agreements with vehicle manufacturers
    • Framework agreements with garages
    • Tyre service framework agreements
    • Discount agreements for replacement parts
    • Purchase contracts for fuel
  • Maintenance management

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    Maintenance management

    • Carrying out guarantee and warranty claims
    • Authorisation and monitoring of maintenance repairs
    • Reduction of downtimes
    • Expert appraisal
  • Accident management

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    Accident management

    • Resolution of claims for damages (liability)
    • Expert reports
    • Cost minimisation in case of damages sustained
    • Provision of replacement vehicles
    • Damage regulation
  • Insurance management

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    Insurance management

    • Periodic calls for tender
    • Insurance comparison
    • Negotiation with insurance companies
    • Checking loss ratios
  • Valuation

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    • Negotiations with purchasers
    • Leasing returns
    • Negotiations regarding possible deductions

Our |Customers

Our customers include national and international companies, independent departments and profit centres with their own fleets. We manage both small and very large fleets, sometimes with several hundred vehicles. We can take over complete fleet management for you, but we also tailor our services to suit your project requirements.

  • Dr. Peter Podesser

    Director Finance and Controlling, SFC Smart Fuel Cell AG

    “We are the market and technological leader for mobile fuel cells and we have a manageable fleet with a high growth rate. Since COMES has managed our fleet for us, we have reduced our fleet costs considerably and we have benefited from the experience of COMES.”

  • Patrick Heider

    Director, Nemetschek AG

    “Our company is one of the leading suppliers of software and consulting in the area of planning, building and use of structures and property. Over previous years we have carried out a thorough restructuring. COMES also cooperated highly effectively with all departments of Nemetschek AG during this phase. From salary and financial accounting to controlling and the personnel department. Our subsidiaries have also benefited from the dedicated work of COMES.”

  • Max Giebel

    Senior Director Human Resources Germany der INGRAM Micro Distribution GmbH

Service |& Contact

COMES Fuhrparkmanagement GmbH
Ismaninger Str. 10
85609 Aschheim

Tel. (+49) 089 452 156 0
Fax (+49) 089 452 156 29



Where to |find us

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The simplest way to contact us is by filling out this form and sending it.


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    To save costs and expenses, many companies handle the management of their fleet on an ad hoc basis. The results are rarely satisfactory. The costs are not reduced either – on the contrary, they are higher, but they remain hidden among general administrative costs.

    However, the standard solution of a "one-stop-shop", full service leasing, is not optimal, as it does not provide complete transparency to the company. True control of costs is not really possible, and potential savings are not exploited.

    Excellent fleet management requires competence and complete transparency from the outset. From comparison of the range of vehicles and contract design, to monitoring of repairs, accident management and disposal of old cars. COMES checks, inspects and archives all invoices. This means that you can check at any time to see the benefits of professional fleet management.


    • Protection against hidden risks
    • Absolute cost transparency and cost control
    • Sharing the expertise and contacts of COMES

    Customer proximity

    Customer proximity is our strength. COMES is a fleet manager with many years of experience in all areas of fleet management, with close links to the customer company. It is present on-site and it handles all aspects of the fleet. It provides a contact for staff in all departments, such as accounts, personnel and controlling. It makes all contracts for you directly.

    This means that your company always controls all processes and you do not become dependent on one service provider. COMES works completely transparently, accurately and fairly. This has always been the basis for our many years of success.


    • Generally competent on-site fleet managers
    • Contact for different departments in the company
    • Linking of the fleet to company processes


    COMES Fleet Management from Unterföhring near Munich is one of the few entirely independent service providers for fleet management. The advantage for customers is that they are not bound to any leasing company, any manufacturer, any vehicle type or any contract garage. COMES can choose the most suitable contractual partners and negotiate the best conditions with them.

    We specialise entirely in fleet management. We do not operate in this area as a side-business or as an additional service for a leasing company or a manufacturer. You can rely on us to obtain the optimum conditions for you. We are tough and competent negotiators, and that is exactly what COMES customers value.


    • No restrictions on the procurement type (purchase or leasing), the leasing company, the manufacturer, the vehicle type or the contract garage
    • More freedom of design and optional conditions
    • Comprehensive expertise, particularly regarding technical issues, thus benefiting COMES customers