24. May 2016


Unabhängigkeit macht sich bezahlt.

COMES Fleet Management from Unterföhring near Munich is one of the few entirely independent service providers for fleet management. The advantage for customers is that they are not bound to any leasing company, any manufacturer, any vehicle type or any contract garage. COMES can choose the most suitable contractual partners and negotiate the best conditions with them.

We specialise entirely in fleet management. We do not operate in this area as a side-business or as an additional service for a leasing company or a manufacturer. You can rely on us to obtain the optimum conditions for you. We are tough and competent negotiators, and that is exactly what COMES customers value.


  • No restrictions on the procurement type (purchase or leasing), the leasing company, the manufacturer, the vehicle type or the contract garage
  • More freedom of design and optional conditions
  • Comprehensive expertise, particularly regarding technical issues, thus benefiting COMES customers